domingo, 25 de junio de 2017

"Leave the unconnected tribes"

“In our interconnected world it's hard to believe the existence of uncontacted tribes, but yes: they do exist”. That's how powerful Sarah Shenker's talk starts. She's witness of the NGO Survival in the areas where the last uncontacted indigenous of the world survive. “Leave the uncontacted tribes”. This is Sara's statement after having seen the fatal effects that she saw among the yanomamis after a confrontation with the police.


Survival has become the loudspeaker of many indigenous groups since the rainforests of the Amazon to the dusty planes of El Chaco (Paraguay), going through the paradisiac Adamán Islands (India) until Papúa. This organization, created in London in 1969, has become the prolocutor of the indigenous revindications.

Survival in the frontline
Sarah Shanker works for the NGO Survival an organization pioneer in the civil rights of the indigenous people. Born 1969, this charity foundation has global movement to preserve the elder's tribes against the violence, the slavery, and the racism wich target their lands. Their enemies are trying to keep their assets arguing a “work for the progress and civilization”. Survival has been one of the few voices in the western world who has fight rudely against this situation.

The last uncontacted tribes aren't a dead way for the development of the 'developed' world. They huge knowledge of the rainforests (the seed of our pharmacopeia) turns them into a big asset for the surveillance of our kind. They're our best bridge with nature. As it shows, for instance, the sophisticated codes that some tribes of the Amazonia use to maintain their balance between their hunting activities and the ecosystem.

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